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Choosing the Hotels to Stay in Seminyak

Bali as such a paradise that becomes a main destination for everyone who wants to have a holiday. It is a great escape to free your mind from any stressed problems. It is because in Bali you will see the beautiful mixture of some beautiful places and the traditional cultures as well. Every year, a lot of people come to Bali. This makes Bali is a perfect place to build some hotels, such as Seminyak Hotel. There are some types of the hotels that you can find on this island that you can choose based on your holiday style and of course your budgets. Below is the further explanation about those hotels.

  1. Backpacker Style Hotel

The first type of the hotel is backpacker style hotel. This is a one star or maybe two stars hotel that you can find on Bali. This hotel type is cheap, but as the consequence, you will not get some luxurious services like what you will find on Seminyak Hotel for the example. For this backpacker style hotel, a room where you will be stayed is usually included the standard equipments such as bedroom, cupboard and table. There are also some hotels that give television as a part of the service. You can ask the hotel owner about this service. Usually, you can find some backpacker hotels on Kuta and the other areas in Bali. However, you will not find this type of Hotel in Seminyak.

  1. Middle and High Class Hotel

Meanwhile, for the middle and high class hotel type, you can find it on Seminyak such as Seminyak Hotel and Kuta beach. Both of these areas are the strategic places to find some luxurious and five stars hotels to stay as long as you are in Bali. More, there are a lot of hotels that are directly faced the beach and located in the beach edge. On these middle and high class hotels, you will get the best facilities as well. However, it is for sure that you have to pay more to get all the best facilities. The examples of these hotels are the hotels that you will find at Seminyak. There are so many five stars Seminyak Hotel that will give the best and luxurious services such as SPA treatment, fine dining restaurants, and many more. Besides that, usually you will get more privacy by staying at Seminyak Hotel. This hotel is perfect for you that have an enough budget and want more privacy and luxurious services and facilities.

  1. Villa

Besides some hotels, you will be easily to find some villas in Bali. This is one of the ways that is chosen by many tourists when they were in Bali. Besides Seminyak Hotel, Seminyak is also a perfect area to find some luxurious villas. Villa is really recommended for you that have a holiday with your family members or with the group of your friends. Villa is also a great option if you wanted to stay for a long time in Bali, such as two weeks or maybe a month.

Just like Seminyak Hotel, you will be finding many villas that are located near the beach in Seminyak. Meanwhile, if you wanted to stay at a villa with nature landscape and hills, Jimbaran is the perfect area. Wherever you choose, whether it is Jimbaran or Seminyak, both of these areas are having a really strategic location and easy to be visited. Both of these areas is located near the airport or some popular tourist resorts in Bali such as Kuta Beach, Dreamland, Seminyak beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) and many more.

Whatever the place that you want to rent, Seminyak Hotel or villas, do not forget to rent the motorcycle and cars as well as your transportation because usually a villa is located a little bit far from the main road.

  1. Hotels near the Tourist Resorts

If you had an unlimited budget, stay on a hotel that is located near the tourist resort is a perfect choice. You can do this especially if you had a holiday together with your children. The example of this hotel is Seminyak Hotel and some hotels in Kuta Beach. These hotels are on different price range. So you can find the cheapest up to the most expensive one. For the cheap hotels, some facilities that the customers will get such as the television, fan, AC and bathroom. Meanwhile for the five star type like what you can find on Seminyak Hotel, some luxurious facilities are will be added such as SPA treatment, fine dining restaurant, swimming pool and many other facilities.

There are many types of hotels that you can choose while having a holiday in Bali. Everything is based o your budget and your needs. If you look for the luxury and privacy; Seminyak Hotel is the perfect option.